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TheRev22 18.09.2013 15:34

What exactly is the concierge supposed to take care of at apartment buildings?

runningdeer 18.09.2013 15:58

Re: concierge
It depends on what he/she is contracted to do. Sometimes just make sure there are no major issues, but often a few tasks or small jobs such as cleaning the common areas, making sure people follow the rules, gardening, and small maintenance issues. Also, being around with keys to let workers do repairs and the like is often included.

The only sure way to know is ask the concierge or the regie.

Guest 18.09.2013 16:16

Re: concierge
As said above -just depends. Some have to the cleaning of the communal areas, take care of the garden and basic maintenance. Some do not- but just keep an eye on things, and ensure that all the tenants stick to the cleaning rosta, don't make too much noise or put prams in entrance, etc.

TheRev22 18.09.2013 16:32

Re: concierge
Ok thanks. Wasn't exactly sure about it.

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