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Guest 12.01.2015 13:46

living in lugano
i am back and forth between living in como or living in lugano...

how is it raising children in lugano?

there is no street view so it's very difficult to see exact areas of apartments

are there many parks, and sidewalks? como seems to be seriously lacking in this area.

i'd like to use a car as little as possible, i'm used to walking everywhere

Meerkat33 12.01.2015 14:54

Re: living in lugano
Good as any for walking, not so much for bikes. There's aerial view if you zoom in enough.
Italy is much less walk-friendly unless you live near the city center, but sidewalks are only part of the problem.
Parks and longlake strolling is much better in lugano imho.
Regarding safety switzerland is obviously better, even though traffic in lugano can be pretty bad (italian level) on the main roads and there are a lot of italian drivers.

Raising children is better where there's the higher standard of living, better education and especially better opportunities (talking about after middle school), that's switzerland. I wouldn't want to do that in italy seeing how it's going, i know both education systems, the ticinese one is much better.

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