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gurahamu89 09.05.2015 23:01

V-Zug Washroom accessories
Does anybody know a good place to get replacement filters for V-Zug appliances? My apartment has a V-Zug Adorina TS WP tumble dryer and the bottom filter is stopping the cycle constantly due to being 2 years old and not very reliable.

I have checked the V-Zug website and also toppreise.ch and cannot find what I am looking for on either of them :(

Patxi 10.05.2015 00:07

Re: V-Zug Washroom accessories
A quick email to them should get you sorted out.

I assume that you have already cleaned the filters as outlined in the Instruction Manual.

gurahamu89 10.05.2015 00:10

Re: V-Zug Washroom accessories
Indeed I have, tried washing it under the shower as the pictures show. Do love a good picture book lol.

One other problem that's occurring with the filter is that it is getting soaked by the humidity inside the dryer but the manual says this shouldn't be a problem

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