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Tarci 20.02.2021 08:49

Re: I smiled because...
... driving my scooter on a Saturday morning early in town is awesome! No people, nice weather today, fresh hair and no traffic at all! Love it! Shopping done in 10 mins ;) (no people at the kasse too!)

JackieH 20.02.2021 11:23

Re: I smiled because...
the sun hopped over the mountain at 8.30 - and days are getting much longer.

And it truly feels like Spring- huge bluew skies, red kites soaring and mewing, and warmest so far.

curley 20.02.2021 12:14

Re: I smiled because...
The Ticinesi still satisfy their urge for inexpensive Italian Sushi. The Sushi restaurants deliver the food to the border now! Every night. The major of Monteggio (SVP, what else) is highly annoyed. :D He even calls it smuggling yet it isn't as the portions are not dutiable and all people come to the border to pick up their order.

I love innovation :p

bossybaby 20.02.2021 12:25

Re: I smiled because...
Sparkly snow, blazing sunshine. And when I look at Bergfex, 8 days of blue skies and 16C !!

araqyl 20.02.2021 20:24

Re: I smiled because...
Shorts weather! :D

MusicChick 27.02.2021 15:35

Re: I smiled because...
Ski weather!

And soup enthusiasm. I always shoot for cute little soup and end up making amount for a school canteen.

MusicChick 28.02.2021 10:40

Re: I smiled because...
Soup for breakfast.

Talk to you later 02.03.2021 09:12

Re: I smiled because...


JackieH 02.03.2021 13:09

Re: I smiled because...
Sunshine, great snow, fab views - empty pistes, no bubbles or cablecars- off we go- starting with a half day to warm up those old legs and metal/plastic knees.

MusicChick 02.03.2021 13:20

Re: I smiled because...
It is pretty awesome to be able to work again, after the holidays..No matter how magnificent the time off is, one misses the smiles, fantastic job, the communities. Sunny times.

JackieH 02.03.2021 17:10

Re: I smiled because...

Originally Posted by JackieH (Post 3281230)
Sunshine, great snow, fab views - empty pistes, no bubbles or cablecars- off we go- starting with a half day to warm up those old legs and metal/plastic knees.

I smiled all afternoon- as they worked ;) (the legs and knees)

JackieH 04.03.2021 16:44

Re: I smiled because...
And even more today - skied on my own and went all over- had forgotten how long the World Cup Piste de L'Ours is, and the Veysonnaz run too- great at the top, but the porridge at bottom was hard work. Still ... loved it and great to know those new knees at 'holding' - and up in a cablecar on my own each time.

JackieH 06.03.2021 13:32

Re: I smiled because...
because it is a beautiful day in the Alps - and I am off for my half-day skiing. Half-day is fine for me nowadays - no crowds, great conditions. Yeah.

Later edit- wow, that felt great :) First time in many years that I had no knee pain at all - thanks to those newish two plastic/metal knees

smackerjack 06.03.2021 18:32

Re: I smiled because...
I took my husband out for a walk today, which for him is a huge achievement after 3 months in hospital - we can't go far but sat on a bench in the park for a break. He has been using this antique walking stick that has a lovely carved dog head and used belong to my grandfather.
He rested it next to the bench when a Border Terrier that had been exercising ran up to it, grabbed it and ran off with it - it was so funny - although after finally catching it - he didn't want to give it back!! The dog's owner was very embarrassed ...

araqyl 06.03.2021 18:35

Re: I smiled because...
... I had beer in the sun with a few friends.

JackieH 07.03.2021 13:22

Re: I smiled because...
... because it is snowing, so this afternoon's skiing should be very different to the thick spring salt of this week. Time to go ...

MusicChick 07.03.2021 20:35

Re: I smiled because...
Because I got a lot of good books waiting to be read.

MusicChick 08.03.2021 19:16

Re: I smiled because...
Because the longest day of the work week is over.

JackieH 08.03.2021 19:32

Re: I smiled because...
... because we are back home, and it is always lovely to get back

MusicChick 11.03.2021 08:55

Re: I smiled because...
Because art. Lots of art.

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