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umakemefeelbrandnew 23.06.2022 23:23

Re: I smiled because...

Originally Posted by doropfiz (Post 3414564)

Thank you so much!! 😊😊
Your regards let me happier today after some long days when I've infected by Covid and in isolation. That's the second time Covid surprises me, even if I'm vaccinated for second time.
However, we are not here for bad news, so for good one is soon I will get the third vaccin against Covid🎊🎈, thanks to Brazilian NHS👏👏

doropfiz 25.08.2022 13:58

Re: I smiled because...
The other day we went out on a number of errands. Today I was thinking back, checking what we had and had not achieved.

As I retraced the route, I remembered those people who had been helpful along the way: in 3 hours, no less than 16 people did something a little extra of their own accord (like holding the door open, or pressing the lift button, or volunteering to look something up that might be sold in a competitor shop, etc.), all pro-active gestures of kindness, to make our day good. And it was.

LakeSwimmer 25.08.2022 14:15

Re: I smiled because...

Originally Posted by JackieH (Post 3418254)
When you meet English people in the shops in your area, where there are so few 'expats', and you wonder if that was ybxyz from EF?

surely abcd EF? 🤗👍

ZuriRollt 25.08.2022 18:27

Re: I smiled because...
This site showed / reminded me today why I continue to contribute, and that I get the same good information and advice in return sometimes

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