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Guest 08.05.2008 17:23

Re: I smiled because...
I just have to smile at all the people walking in the sun :sunny:, smiling back. Ahh, if I only had a lifetime for each of the sweet cuties.

larrylizzard 08.05.2008 17:28

Re: I smiled because...
today is my 9 year anniversary since the first time I met my (now) wife and she is still not bored with me :D

Even im bored with me!

guidette 08.05.2008 17:37

Re: I smiled because...
i am smiling because i am happy to see all these optimistic people smiling and writing more than 16 response in question of 4 hours time........what a great thing!

Guest 08.05.2008 17:40

Re: I smiled because...
I am smiling because my work mate just gave me a cookie.
I love cookies. She made my day ;)

Mikeybroomers 08.05.2008 17:50

Re: I smiled because...
I'm smiling about this cos I didn't get arrested and it made me remember what a good birthday it was!


Originally Posted by Cata1yst (Post 222126)
I just smiled because this thread brought back memories of Zug and Kittster applying makeup to MikeyB aswell as her fishing for ice cubes :D

Moley 08.05.2008 18:01

Re: I smiled because...
I have been on my bike twice in row without falling of of it or breaking. Which is a record!
And the sun, and watching my kids play with a stomp rocket. Those things can really go!

flow23 08.05.2008 18:17

Re: I smiled because...
snapped two cheap flights...Berlin and Nice...and a cheap car in Nice. that makes a 10days Côte d'Azur extravaganza!!! :msncool:


Maple Leaf 08.05.2008 18:51

Re: I smiled because...
My daughter, she’s 12, told me last night that she is not going to buy me a Mother’s day present, she need the money to buy a I-tune card to download music, she would rather draw me a picture and can I please not enter her room for the next few days because she is very hard busy with the picture. After that she gave me a hug and says “Thanks for understanding and I love you lots Mummy, you are the best”.

Guest 09.05.2008 09:18

Re: I smiled because...
Superb idea Kittster!

-- 2 days ago I got a proposal on my blog,albeit a jokey one but still
flattered me
-- so far 6 mums have replied by email to attend the meeting in our
garden next week
-- I got on top of my backlog of work yesterday, big :D
-- might have found someone to share the hotel room with on my trip
to London this September
-- the newspaper i wrote for an anniversary celebration got a big thumbs
up from the committee

Isn't Life great and grand,when you value the small mercies :)

Wishing you all a wonderful day with lots of these tiny surprises, which will make you smile all day long!

Dodger 09.05.2008 09:25

Re: I smiled because...
...the growth spurt that has been making life hell for our 6-week old daughter (and her mum) for most of this week appears to have ended, so now we can all get some sleep.

Bricin 09.05.2008 09:50

Re: I smiled because...

Originally Posted by Rissole (Post 222161)
Here are several positive things from the last few days

- being able to cycle to and from school with the kids in the sunshine

- playing shops with my 4yo this morning and she wanted to charge me CHF 50 for a beach ball

- a meeting yesterday about a school festival turned into a marathon chat between a bunch of Aussies, which was very enjoyable


50CHF for a beach ball cracked me up. I am still chuckling over that, thanks for posting.

Things that make me smile this week:
  • Uetliberg. What a joy to ride up the hill in the morning, see the Alps, then descend single-track all before work.
  • Riding bikes with my kids to school. They "attack" on the hills and look so serious, I love it.
  • Sitting on the balcony with a delivered pizza at 8 pm and it was sunny and glorious and pizza delivery shops deliver beer and wine here, hurray!

Guest 09.05.2008 10:32

Re: I smiled because...
Today I smiled watching the sun coming up over the Austrian Alps while I sipping a coffee on board the boat. There are worse places to be...


Lou 09.05.2008 10:35

Re: I smiled because...
This post made me smile, the thought of feeling so free.....


Originally Posted by Shorrick Mk2 (Post 222345)
Doing 360es over the Jet d'Eau, being cleared Golf Echo, Golf November and turning hard into the groove for the grass runway for a superb three-wire on a brilliant blue sky day.

09.05.2008 10:43

Re: I smiled because...
The last time I smiled (with mixed emotions) was when a tailgater rammed the car it was following that had slowed to let me cross the street..

(I hate tailgaters but did feel sorry for the good Samaritan)

Tilia 09.05.2008 10:50

Re: I smiled because...
:):) Tgif :):)

Shaye 09.05.2008 10:53

Re: I smiled because...
What a great post! Nice to see so many people appreciating the little things.
I am smiling at the great weather and am very happy that most of the outdoor pools have opened for the season.
Sitting out in my unfinished garden but realising what a sun trap it is and how great it will be when it is done....makes me smile!
Have a great day!

Oldhand 09.05.2008 11:11

Re: I smiled because...
A member of the forum put up a great thread with recommendations for builders in our area. He also replied to my questions in such a prompt and friendly fashion , it just warms the cockles of your heart.:)

Thank you Mark, Guardian Angel of the ex-pats. :)

tomcat 09.05.2008 11:15

Re: I smiled because...
I smiled because my officemate (3 kids) and I (2 kids) had a delightful discussion with a co-worker (very pregnant, first time) about kids and strollers. A few years ago I never would've guessed that I could've contributed to such a challenging topic.


smackerjack 09.05.2008 12:16

Re: I smiled because...
I smiled because a year ago today I nearly ceased to be here. Because I was in the right place at the right time my life was saved .

Now I smile EVERYDAY:)

Guest 09.05.2008 12:32

Re: I smiled because...

Originally Posted by royalbigmc (Post 222327)
Becoz..of my dog ,,yawning goldy with her bury face,,,

Not just that! also whenever I can yell out to swiss who has sticky box mind,particular some aargauer complained me just anything disturbed their sights,
so I smiled and I felt that is win-win ....

... of the above. Royalbigmc, may I have whatever it was you were having yesterday? ;) And is that your dog in your avatar?

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