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radiolagic 01.09.2015 00:13

Hi Everyone!!

I'm recently graduated from highschool and I'm arriving in Lausanne in a couple days to begin my studies at EPFL. Are there any current bachelor students on here that would be willing to chat with me about the student life in Lausanne? I have some questions I don't want to publicly ask :p


I'm moving from Vancouver, Canada :)

jnl 11.09.2015 19:14

Re: Moving to Lausanne from Canada to Study at EPFL

Sorry, I don't have info for you but I'm on the same boat with you. I'm also from Vancouver and been really looking into studying in Switzerland (either Bern or Lausanne). Learning more towards Lausanne though because of French language. Haha. Looking forward to some of your updates though! :)

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