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Island Monkey 17.09.2015 02:04

Good Goldsmith Zürich or Baar or anywhere?
I wondered if anyone can recommend a good goldsmith in Zürich or Baar? I am there this weekend. Or anywhere in Switzerland that I can go another weekend.

Long story short, when I was back in the UK a month ago, I had my engagement ring re-shanked and a wedding band made to fit around it. Got back to Switzerland and I am really not happy with the job he has done. There are ridges in the rings on the inside (finish is not smooth) and they are not polished well, they look patchy in places. I am really quite down about it :(

I would go back and demand he sort them... but 1, it will cost me a lot to fly back and hang around the UK whilst he does it & 2, do I trust him to actually do a good job second time around?

So if anyone knows anywhere that I could get them sorted, that are friendly and not hugely expensive, I'd be really grateful. Thanks

scipio 17.09.2015 10:41

Re: Good Goldsmith Zürich or Baar or anywhere?
I usually go to this Goldsmith in Zürich Seefeld. Good service, not expensive.

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