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kaciak 23.12.2015 12:46

Edelweiss Voucher from Cumulus
In the partnership between Edelweiss and Migros Cumulus, you may exchange one CHF 10 Cumulus bon with CHF 100 Edelweiss Vourcher.
It is said that you may use that voucher for a flight booking that cost over CHF 999.
I recently acquired one voucher and intent to use it for an Edelweiss ticket that I book over their webseite.. The problem is I did not see where i can use the voucher on Edelweiss website! :mad:

So now i have a flight ticket and an unused CHF 100 Edelweiss Voucher. I want to give the voucher away. PM me if you are interested and could really make use of it! ;)

kaciak 23.12.2015 14:54

Re: Edelweiss Voucher from Cumulus
Please close this thread. I already gave it away :).

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