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superpippo 17.01.2016 23:47

Poker anyone ?
Wondering if anyone is playing poker every now and then ? I used to live in Hong Kong where I would play from time to time with other expats (low stakes, mainly for fun).

Pls reply or pm if there are any tournaments in ZH.


kitcat 20.01.2016 00:06

Re: Poker anyone ?
Try meetup - there's a poker group that organises events in Zurich on there

Tassadar 20.01.2016 10:21

Re: Poker anyone ?
try casinos

Casino Baden has tournaments regularly

giwantsnow 24.05.2016 16:28

Re: Poker anyone ?
We are also trying to start playing... usually for 25-40 Francs. We are in St. Gallen, not sure if that is too far for you. We are international and will play this Friday, also July 2


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