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k_and_e 16.04.2018 19:55

Coop or Migros?
Everyone in Switzerland seems to have a preference for either Coop or Migros.
What is your favourite?

I intentionally left out any other options like "non of them", "don't care", "supermarket in Germany" or "don't know". If you prefer something else, then please post it in the thread itself.

st2lemans 16.04.2018 19:58

Re: Coop or Migros?
Denner, as it's closest, and they have a better wine selection.


martin959 16.04.2018 20:04

Re: Coop or Migros?
Migros, for me has better quality food than Coop... :)

roegner 16.04.2018 20:05

Re: Coop or Migros?
Denner or Landi for wine, Aldi often for fruit and vegetables

st2lemans 16.04.2018 20:07

Re: Coop or Migros?
Coop has the best avocados, Migros the best creme fraiche.


ZuriRollt 16.04.2018 20:09

Re: Coop or Migros?
Coop has the best insects, ready to cook.
Migros the best ones living in salads and bananas.

Rachel Moore 16.04.2018 20:12

Re: Coop or Migros?
For similar carried products, Aldi as they are generally cheaper, otherwise COOP is visited more often simply because parking is easier...and free.

kari. 16.04.2018 20:12

Re: Coop or Migros?
I have lived in 3 parts of Zurich and I always found coop to be less stressful than Migros and was willing to pay the premium for that.
Of course some who live here long enough will buy certain products from one but not the other.

pizza dough
deluxe pans when 50% off
kitchen supplies when %50% off

corn chips
Champagne when 40% off

wipes of all kinds

cleaning products


swiss veggies
specialty yogurts
Meat (expensive like Globus expensive)

MathNut 16.04.2018 20:28

Re: Coop or Migros?
If I had to pick one (and if it had to be one of the Big Two) it'd be Migros. But the fact is I rotate between all of them, as kari. says for different products. Coop do gluten-free tortillas and pizza dough, Aldi the particular hummus my 3-year-olds prefer above all others, Otto's the best peanut butter, Lidl the fake nespresso capsules and so on and so forth. So I tend to shop at whichever one I haven't been to in a while and restock my pantry with the products we particularly favor from that shop.

aSwissInTheUS 16.04.2018 20:45

Re: Coop or Migros?

Unfortunately, the closest one closed. Now I have only 5 Coop, 4 Denner, and 2 Migros in a radius of 1 km.

SOBEIT 16.04.2018 20:51

Re: Coop or Migros?
Will have to ask the Empress. To completely honest, I8217;ve never done a family food shop, wouldn8217;t even know where to begin....

Thank the heavens for the incarnation of Women.

John_H 16.04.2018 20:54

Re: Coop or Migros?
It's all about convenience for me. If I'm doing the shopping it's COOP every time, I just get everything there. I have no interest in saving a few chf jumping from shop to shop. The COOP near to me in Signy always feels spacious and half empty too and I can self scan everything.
Of course being a man too, I go up one lane, down the next, up, down, up, down, finished, never go back and start again, never look at anything not on the list and never talk to anybody.
I'm usually in and out in 40 mins with full cart load of stuff for the week(s).

Mrs H on the other hand will spend most of the day travelling between them all because toilet roll is cheaper in denner, chicken is cheaper in lidl, aldi have a special offer on cheese, every item in every store in examined, regardless of it being on the list or not... etc etc etc.. Half a tank of fuel gone, wife harassed, kids crying, oops I forgot bread, and we've got nothing for dinner tonight :msnblush:

JagWaugh 16.04.2018 20:56

Re: Coop or Migros?
I generally shop at Coop. There is a Migros, Denner, and the Coop within walking distance. The small Coop stores seem to vary widely in terms of what they stock, and how well they are run - I was relieved to find that the local one is a "goodun".

LifeStrain 16.04.2018 23:02

Re: Coop or Migros?
My preference for now is Migro. It is not about the shop itself, it is just MUCH biggeer in my home town than Coop. When I move my preference may change.

Castro 16.04.2018 23:02

Re: Coop or Migros?
When we first arrived it was definitely COOP as they seemed to have all the brands we knew, but over the years we've migrated to Migros and now appreciate it for its own branded goods.

Odile 16.04.2018 23:17

Re: Coop or Migros?
Would prefer Migros- but cats don't like their cat food- so in CH, it is Coop.

blackbird 16.04.2018 23:28

Re: Coop or Migros?
Dont like migros with their own brands , especially in the section of choclate and personal hygiene.
I prefer Coop

meloncollie 16.04.2018 23:40

Re: Coop or Migros?
I shopped at Migros when we first arrived, but Coop soon reeled me in with a certain brand of cereal. Which I no longer eat, but I stayed because of the sticker promotions (love those Swiss miles), the points (which saves me about 1K per year) and a new brand of cereal.

Everytime I try the local Migros it seems they have re-done the store layout. So I can't find what I am looking for, get frustrated, and go back to Coop.

The big retailers are only for basics, though.

For meat, I shop at the local butcher.

Bread, the local bakery.

Seasonal fruit, local farms

'Oops I forgot', the local Spar.

Aldi, the things I shouldn't eat. But at least I get them at a good price.

Bettio, Switzerland's best produce, always reliable. This is where I shop when planning a dinner party. Interesting collection of things you can't find anywhere else. (Today's find: unusual flavors of Etter. Gotta add a little kick to my homemade jams.)

olygirl 16.04.2018 23:46

Re: Coop or Migros?
Around here, it's Migros before Coop and Lidl before Aldi.

st2lemans 16.04.2018 23:47

Re: Coop or Migros?

Originally Posted by meloncollie (Post 2935717)
Bread, the local bakery.

Actually, our local Denner has the best bread, despite the two local bakeries.

Their supplier is simple the best (and delivers each morning at 7:30, I stop by on my way to work)


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