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UKGirl 15.10.2018 15:31

Dress alterations/Seamstress
Hi all,
I usually take all my newly bought dresses (which are generally longer than I need them to be) to London for getting 'hemmed up'/shortened. But having been here 3 years, perhaps it's time for me to find someone to do this locally.

Does anyone have any recommendations on someone who does this professionally and will not break the bank? My london tailor usually charges me 35-40 per dress. Is it realistic to expect the same here or would I be better off actually flying to get this done back home?

I found one at sihlcity but their reviews are horrible so I am scared of taking my expensive stuff there... :(

Thank youuuu!

WhenIGo 03.09.2020 15:52

Re: Dress alterations/Seamstress
A few years old but did you ever find a good seamstress/tailor? I have a few alterations I need done

Cherub 03.09.2020 20:02

Re: Dress alterations/Seamstress
My husband took new trousers to a dry cleaners in Basel to be shortened, it cost him 25 francs.

WhenIGo 04.09.2020 14:19

Re: Dress alterations/Seamstress
My local dry cleaner also does this but current needs are a bit more complicated (taking in the waist of some wool pants, altering the neckline of a dress) so trying to find someone a bit more specialized.

irish_temptation 04.09.2020 17:23

Re: Dress alterations/Seamstress
You could ask in Modissa, Jelmoli, Globus and Manor in Zurich. I think one of them also does alterations for dresses not bought there but I can't tell you which one from the top of my head.
If you have a Little time a trip to Freiburg im Breisgau or Konstanz will be cheaper. Try Karstadt and Kaufhof. There are usually very quick but might Need more than a day for that. Maybe you could call ahead and ask.

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