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3Wishes 02.01.2019 15:24

RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
Dear EF friends,

It is with a sad heart I write today to inform you that long-time English Forum member Sbrinz passed away over the weekend. :(

His online persona made him come across as a bit of a curmudgeon sometimes, but in real life he enjoyed meeting for a beer and a chat, and especially a laugh. He was always willing to help out someone in need, whether he knew them well or not. I never fully understood his British sense of humor, though. :msncrazy:

In keeping with his generous personality, he has donated his body to the local university for study. If anyone wishes further info, you can contact me via private message.

English Forum is more than the words we see on the screen, which new members don't always know or realize. I think these in-person interactions are part of what keeps us going (okay, that and newbies with repeat questions) ;). Many of us know each other out here in the real world, and that's a good thing. I hope it continues. :)

In founding the EF Bern Dinner Club, Sbrinz was part of the spreading of EF from an online venue to a place where people connect face-to-face. Many folks have come to the dinners and were surprised to learn the club was run by a pensioner. They often asked why he started the club, where most of the attendees wound up being young enough to be his children or grandchildren. He replied that he likes to chat and meet people in real life, so why wouldn't others too, regardless of age? :msncool:

Our club is the only remaining EF event that occurs on a regular basis that has never been moved to any other website. Sbrinz was proud of that. He was proud to run it as a true social event "by EF members, for EF members". I have been running the club during his illness, and will continue to run it in honor of his memory. Without this club, I wouldn't have met some wonderful people I now call friend, and I wouldn't have found my job.

I don't know how to adequately sum up his life in a few words, and it's not my place to share his life story here. All I know is that I'm lucky to have called him friend, and I'm a better person for having known him.

Rest in peace, dear friend.
Love and respect. :cheers2:


meloncollie 02.01.2019 15:33

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
This is sad news indeed.

I've enjoyed his posts through the years, learned quite a bit from the wealth of experience he shared with us all. Sbrinz will be much missed.

My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

moggy 02.01.2019 15:44

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
Condolences to his family and friends.

He was a great contributor to this forum, he will be sadly missed with love.

higgsboson 02.01.2019 15:47

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
Very sad news.
I owe him a lot for all the information he shared here.
My deepest condolences to his family for the loss.

grumpygrapefruit 02.01.2019 15:53

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
Oh no, that's so sad. I don't recall his posts coming across curmudgeonly, he always seemed honest, polite and knowledgeable. But above all helpful to us, the international community in Switzerland as he certainly seemed to have a lot of experience of living here over the years.

I'm pretty sure I met him a couple of times at the English church in Bern about 5 years ago when I went there for their Christmas markets.

If you're in touch with his family, please pass on my condolences. He was such a Gentleman.

miniMia 02.01.2019 16:54

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
What sad shocking news. RIP Sbrinz.
My condolences to his family and friends.

Mikers 02.01.2019 17:08

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
Very sad. I liked him, too. He had a level headedness not seen in people like, well, me for example.

smackerjack 02.01.2019 17:12

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
So sorry to hear this sad news. I was lucky enough to have met him a few times and he was such good company - he was always ready to help any newcomer and was so generous with his time.

RIP Sbrinz

st2lemans 02.01.2019 17:22

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz

Originally Posted by grumpygrapefruit (Post 3026820)
I don't recall his posts coming across curmudgeonly.

I do, but I never gave him extra groans for it, just his fair share!

RIP Sbrinz!


Belgianmum 02.01.2019 17:25

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
That is very sad news indeed. I was fortunate to have met him on several occasions and he was always very kind and helpful.
RIP Sbrinz.

Blueangel 02.01.2019 17:57

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
Such sad news. My condolences to Sbrinz's family and friends.

Guest 02.01.2019 18:14

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
Thatís very sad to hear, I was only recently thinking that he hadnít posted for a while.

TheSpouse 02.01.2019 18:19

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
I enjoyed his posts over the years and my heart goes out to those who knew him personally and his family. Never thought he was a much older fellow--he just always seemed down to earth and honest, quite frankly. A sad loss to the Forum knowledge.

Medea Fleecestealer 02.01.2019 18:39

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
Oh dear, a sad start to 2019. :( Condolences to everyone who knew him.

MusicChick 02.01.2019 18:52

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
RIP Sbrinz..you have been and will be missed. Hope your spirit that was so loyal to your conviction, your partisan passion and care for autonomous thinking carry on in all of us.

RufusB 02.01.2019 19:15

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
Such sad news. I\'d like to send my condolences too. He always seemed a very decent chap.
Thank you, 3Wishes, for your lovely eloquent post.

jacek 02.01.2019 19:22

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
Just came back from RSA’s and Namibia’s month long holidays without suspecting anything. When I opened the EF pages first time this year, I saw this very sad news indeed.

RIP Sbrinz

slammer 02.01.2019 19:59

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
Oh no! So sorry to hear that, what a rotten and sad start to 2019.

Castro 02.01.2019 20:35

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
RIP Sbrinz, a true gentleman who will be sadly missed.

EastEnders 02.01.2019 21:35

Re: RIP Forum Legend Sbrinz
oh no:( how very sad! My heartfelt condoleances to his family. He was one of the down-to-earth, helpful cornerstones of EF. Pleased to have \'kown him\' for over a decade on here. I don\'t think I ever met him personnally, but enjoyed a few PM discussion with him.

Rest in peace, Sbrinz, your work here was and will remain appreciated

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