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buggly 06.03.2019 23:29

Best time to move to Switzerland?
Hey guys,

I'm thinking of spending a little time in Switzerland, maybe six months to start with. I'd quite like to be able to live somewhere that's snowy all winter, so I was thinking maybe going out in November would be good, but can anybody else suggest a good or better time to make the move if you're potentially not going to stay for a whole year?

Thanks :)

Blueangel 06.03.2019 23:50

Re: Best time to move to Switzerland?
I think you need to refer to the answers to your first thread and this...


hongkonghorsey 07.03.2019 08:47

Re: Best time to move to Switzerland?
If you are British you ought to get here before and register as a resident before March 29th and a potential no deal Brexit. Thanks to Ms May and her Merry Band of Lying Bastards, Brits will be subject to immigration quotas in Switzerland in the event of a no deal Brexit and whatever the outcome they will be subject to far worse terms from Swiss immigration than currently. Ending freedom of movement in the UK is a double edged sword for any Brit who has ambitions to live outside the "scepter'd isle".

Smog Man 09.03.2019 10:20

Re: Best time to move to Switzerland?
Politics aside, I wouldnt move in November. For me its a contender for dreariest month of the year. I would move in April/May and start with a nice Swiss summer by the lake

Odile 09.03.2019 10:37

Re: Best time to move to Switzerland?
Well, as said, you need to really look at the realities of staying here for 6 months, esp. after March 29th- and without a job set up before you move.

Your OP is far too vague for anyone to give a sensible answer.

As for the niceties of when - surely it depends very much on you and what you like. If you like skiing or snowboarding, or fishing, hiking, or windsurfing, kiting. Which region, town or country, etc, etc.
Perso I love all the really marked seasons in Switzerland - apart from 6 weeks - November to Mid December- where I'd happily take myself out and go south.

If you are not a skier/boarder- then I agree with smogman, April/May then enjoy spring, summer and gorgeous autumn. Winter can be very hard if you live near lakes, as there is a large proportion of days where people live below the 'sea of fog' that hangs over lakes and surrounding valleys. I live well above in the mountains, where the winter light and sunshine is just brilliant and reflected on snow- and led to the locals becoming excellent watchmakers in winter months- due to that light.

Thanks for reminding me- time to plan a get away for next November. A bit limited as we can't fly due to having adopted a very perturbed little dog who can't go in kennels- so perhaps South of France or Croatia or Spain.

Smog Man 09.03.2019 10:49

Re: Best time to move to Switzerland?
Totally agree about the marked seasons. Its one of the best things about life here. In Zurich at least coming in November won't give the most favourable impression!

robBob 09.03.2019 11:43

Re: Best time to move to Switzerland?
Best time is about 20 to 30 years ago. ;)

The_Love_Doctor 09.03.2019 13:01

Re: Best time to move to Switzerland?
Winter starts officially on the 01.12 or the 21.12 depending on which seasonal calendar you prefer to follow.

So time wise itís a bit trivial if you want to spend six months in the country. You simply need to move to Switzerland before the 01.12 and leave after the 21.03.

I other words, the timing is irrelevant as you plan to spend the whole six months and given winter is only 3 months long itís difficult for you to get it wrong.

Now, have you thought about the activities you would like to do? Your budget? And places you would like to visit?

buggly 13.03.2019 18:25

Re: Best time to move to Switzerland?
Hey guys,

Thanks for all the responses. Sorry for the delayed reply but it's been a little bit busy over here :)

I'm hoping there will be enough visas available for me to be able to come over and work. I hadn't really thought about it too much before, but I am now rather concerned about the ability to a job as a non-EU citizen. I think I need to do a little more research on how tricky this would be, but I might as well ask as I have a number of knowledgable people on this thread, have you seen how much more difficult it is for non-EU citizens to get work?

I was hoping to be able to get a job set up before I moved (Linux Contractor) which would make things easier, but as I have a two month notice period I would probably be in the slightly uncomfortable position of having to hand in my notice before I really had something set up :S

I'm a bit of a budding skier, so winter would be a great time for me, and I would love to be out and about in the mountainous regions in winter, but if I can get a little bit of spring-time in too that would be great for my photography :) I quite like the sound of Lausanne as a colleague of mine was there for a while and rated it very highly, and we have pretty similar interests and attitudes.

I didn't know that the seasons were so marked in Switzerland, but I'm not sure I like the idea of living under a sea of fog all the time! Perhaps a mountain residence would be the best thing...

Assuming I can get the type of work I do in the UK, I would hope to be on a fairly decent amount of money so my budget would be fairly open, just as long as I can continue saving for a house back in the UK if I decide to buy when I go back and can pay for all I need to in Switzerland. I did a fairly extensive tour around Switzerland when I was there last year so there aren't too many places that I'd like to visit in particular, but it would be nice to be able to spend a little more time exploring the Swiss countryside a bit.

How did you guys find socialising when you got to Switzerland? I moved to London for work a few years ago and got pretty lonely unfortunately. These days I'm aware of meet ups and things, but as an early-twenties singleton I would still like to know how you built your social circles :)

@RobBob - I get that feeling too, and I think this is a particularly bad year to try it thanks to some stupid vote a couple of years ago, but it's worth giving these things a go!

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