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McTAVGE 19.01.2020 20:05

There's "listening to music" and there's "LISTENING to music", as I found out today!
There is a marginally eccentric, highly musical Swiss couple in the village, well-off and well-known to help out young and gifted musicians (this does not include me for the same two reasons!).

I have met them occasionally and they are both very nice. I was thrilled to get an invitation for tonight for "A relaxing evening of listening to some music by the fireplace". It mentioned wine, too, so I could not refuse! Got myself into comfy trousers as I was expecting to probably sit on cushions on the floor or something like that, glass of wine in hand.

Here I go, bracing the elements (bloody high, freezing winds tonight in Geneva), cap well screwed on my head. As soon as I got there, I realised it was not the kind of "Listening to music" I had in mind. Rows of chairs had been set up in a beautiful living room, and a (incredibly talented) young trio of musicians treated us for 90 minutes to a range of (mainly classical, sometimes alternative) music from around the world. It was nice but all so serious!

There was a nice buffet and wine indeed afterwards, but with everyone talking very knowledgably and seriously about the various pieces they had heard, naming every single one of the 10 instruments used...while I could only recall some funny anecdotes from school when I was 7 and trying to learn the recorder! I felt completely out of place and just sipped my wine while smiling (didn't want to mention yodel, it's probably not posh enough!). So, a "nice evening" and I am so grateful to have been invited...although my idea of listening to music by the fire is very, very different! Another cultural experience to add to my notebook!

PS: As the word got round that I was the "single man" with a large house and a spare room to rent, I also had to fend off all those divorcees who found my Scottish cap suddenly "very charming" (it's not, but it keeps my ears warm!):p

Cherub 19.01.2020 21:33

Re: There's "listening to music" and there's "LISTENING to music", as I found out tod
My husband wears one of those hats with the earflaps when it's cold and I always say he looks like Deputy Dawg :)

MusicChick 19.01.2020 21:41

Re: There's "listening to music" and there's "LISTENING to music", as I found out tod

Originally Posted by McTAVGE (Post 3138453)
..I was the "single man"...all those divorcees..

Interesting choice of words :D

Congrats on quality music event!

As I type this, listening to eccentric musicians from every corner of our building :thumbup:

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