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wgkzr 30.01.2020 22:10

Getting Zahlungsaufforderung despite cancelling membership
I canceled my membership at basefit by sending them an e-mail (as instructed). And three months later, I get a Zahlungsaufforderung.

This is ridiculous. I've dug out my e-mail that requests a membership cancellation and I've re-sent it to every e-mail I've found that belongs to them. I've also publicly requested a cancellation by tagging them in social media.

Tomorrow I'm going directly to the gym I used to go and I'll demand to get the phone number from somebody from the central office.

Question is, am I doing all this in vain? Is there still a chance to get out of this ridiculous situation or I just have to pay them?

Thanks in advance.

Guest 30.01.2020 23:07

Re: Getting Zahlungsaufforderung despite cancelling membership
Did they ever confirm your e-mail?
The instructions are in the contract?
Did you use your membership card in the "new" year?

doropfiz 30.01.2020 23:08

Re: Getting Zahlungsaufforderung despite cancelling membership
  1. Make copies of all the mails, and of the Zahlungsaufforderung.
  2. From one of their documents, find their postal address.
  3. Write a polite covering letter, ideally in the local Swiss language rather than in English, referring to the list of the attachments, and saying that you cancelled as you were instructed (and set out how you were instructed, by whom, when) and that therefore this seems to be an error on their part, and ask for them to confirm by return of post that your membership has been cancelled as per DATE.
  4. Print this letter on paper and sign it.
  5. Keep a copy of the whole bundle.
  6. Send this bundle, in an envelope, by Registered Post, i.e. handed in at the Post Office counter.
  7. Keep a copy of the receipt you receive at the Post Office, for the fee for the Registered Letter (it'll be just under Fr. 10).

In Switzerland, Registered Letters, on paper, in envelopes, are what is considered as the proper way to Get Formal/Contractual Things Done.

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