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ABF2015 07.03.2020 17:52

S/O complaint on rega
I just read that whole thread. Wanted to ask here--we're not Swiss citizens or residents but when we're in CH we spend most of our time hiking. When I researched REGA I learned that they are not helicopter-evacuation insurance, but that they MAY choose to waive the fees associated with a rescue of a dues-paying member. Therefore, we joined the Austrian Alpine Club, membership in which does include helicopter-rescue insurance in CH. I thought that was a reasonable approach. Am I understanding this correctly?

bowlie 07.03.2020 18:40

Re: S/O complaint on rega
REGA expects you to seek reimbursement from insurances you may have. They MAY choose to waive what the insurance company doesnít cover, but nothing is guaranteed.

I think they have worded this very carefully to ensure that insurance companies canít refuse to cover you claiming REGA is responsible.

I think the MAY, in practice means WILL. But no guarantee.

Look carefully at their terms and conditions as only limited coverage is available to non-Swiss residents.

Guest 07.03.2020 18:45

Re: S/O complaint on rega
When I asked about affiliating my daughter and family who live in UK, they said that was OK as they had an address here. However, any repatriation would be to CH and that address, not to UK.

ABF2015 08.03.2020 00:11

Re: S/O complaint on rega
Thanks for the info. We have medical evacuation/repatriation insurance back to the US separately. Austrian Alpine Club membership would be just for helicopter rescue off the mountain. Hoping to never need either one. Thanks

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