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McTAVGE 14.04.2020 10:51

... there are more insects out there and more birds singing.
- butterflies not seen for quite a few years are re-appearing in Swiss valleys
- 185 fines were issued in Geneva over the whole Easter Week-End for non compliance with social numbers and distancing rules.
- Trump continues to be a complete dick.
- sit ups don't mean getting up and down from your chair repeatedly.

All these things I am finding out in my post chemo world!:p

smileygreebins 14.04.2020 10:54

Re: Apparently...
We absolutely have more hunting birds on the mountain than we've seen for years (agreed by all neighbours) - lots of theories as to why, ranging from having had such a mild winter so migration didn't happen in same numbers/birds returning earlier....through to lack of air traffic.....

Who knows for sure, but I certainly wouldn't want to be a mouse in the mountain meadows right now...

Congrats on enduring the chemo and remaining so upbeat.

porsch1909 14.04.2020 11:25

Re: Apparently...
I'm not in Switzerland but I've definitely noticed more bumble bees roaming around

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