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henryviii 05.06.2020 08:47

4 year school class
Hi all,

We moved to a new school August 2019. My son had a hard time making friends, we even had to go and complain about bullying from kids in the class within the first two weeks. By January son had gotten close with 2 boys after so at the teacher/parent meeting end January we asked if he could go in a class with these boys next year, to ease his transition.

Sportferien followed by lockdown and homeschooling have meant that he has not really bonded with other children in the class.

I received the new 4 year class lists and see that he has been put in a class with children he is not friendly with.

I appreciate schools cant please all parents. I'm just aware of how sad my son was for 3 months and I would like to avoid this if possible.

I understand I can appeal officially in writing. Does anyone have any experience of this?
Thanks for your help.

swisscanmom 05.06.2020 17:04

Re: 4 year school class
Do the kids get mixed up every year at your son's school? At our school the half classes don't change. So from a grade 3/4 all the grade 4 children will move on together to a new grade 5/6 class as a group. But each school is different. Just because he is "not friendly" with some kids in his class, is not a reason to move him though. You can appeal, but chances are small.

KiwiSteve 05.06.2020 18:03

Re: 4 year school class
Our experience was that changing class in Switzerland is difficult. It is seen as a sign of failure rather than the positive move we might consider it to be. Having said that, it is definitely worth talking to the school again. They may remain stubborn or they may simply not have put enough weight on, or overlooked your original request -you have nothing to lose by asking again.

irish_temptation 06.06.2020 07:22

Re: 4 year school class
Contact the parents of these two boys. If these boys want to go to the same class as your son - maybe they don't want to or don't care - contact the school together. This might make it easier. Good luck

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