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Iron Man 21.06.2020 18:47

Did you experience any of those problems long term?
Dear Englishforum,

I used to live in Zurich for 1.5 years some time ago and now considering returning there, may be even forever.

I have some concerns, and among them there are some health related.
Over the course of our first time living in Switzerland me and my wife started experiencing the following problems:
1) My wife started having frequent headaches. She says she never had such strong headaches before. We assume this is because of frequent weather change.
2) During the second year of our stay I started suffering from various strange allergies that I have never had before. Like once I had a horse ride, and after that was sneezing and crying the whole evening. Or I've got new office chairs both at home and at work and felt sick because of plastic on their armrests.
3) My wife's memory became much worse. At first I attributed that to having a baby recently. What is funny by the end of my stay I noticed that my memory got significantly worse as well.
4) I consider myself pretty sporty and I really like walking. But by the end of our stay I started feeling somewhat quickly tired during my walks. My wife says she experienced the same. Though we did not have a car at that time and lived on a hill.
5) I started having some strange cracks on my tongue.

All those problems seem to have vanished after we left. And they never were too serious, though pretty annoying. Since we lived there only for a relatively short period of time I wonder if anybody on this forum experienced any of those problems. If you did, did it go away? Or do they stay long term? If so, do they get worse?
I'm especially worried about headaches and allergies.

Thank you!

roegner 21.06.2020 18:51

Re: Did you experience any of those problems long term?
Sounds more like "sick building syndrome".

swisspea 21.06.2020 19:39

Re: Did you experience any of those problems long term?
There is no doubt the allergy season is much worse here in central europe than in other places in the world.

The headaches could be from local pollution (the air quality is amazingly much better since the coronavirus lockdown across the whole of Europe, probably the whole world, but I am sure it will go back to previous levels in another 6-12 months).

We had terrible skin fungal problems in the first 1-2 years of arriving in Switzerland. We needed to learn how to adapt to the different climate - different skin products for bathing and showering, and ensuring our skin was very dry before dressing etc.

The headaches could also be from the different humidity and forgetting to drink enough water.

It could be overall poorer health from lack of vitamin D - no enough sunlight/UV on the skin - being indoors or fully dressed for most of th eyear - not enough beach and sunshine.

I'm from Australia and I normally would burn in 5-10 minutes in direct sunshine in Sydney. In Zurich, I worked the past 10 years in childcare, including many hours outside, and although we always put sunscreen on the kids (required) - I gave up wearing sunscreen myself because I almost never burn, and I have confirmed Vitamin D deficiency...

I also suffer from low iron - combination of health problems and environmental factors. The tiredness you are describing could be from simple fatigue, vitamin deficiency, iron deficiency, or perhaps from what you described, the impact of having small children!

Which reminds me, I need to prep all the test products for my daughter, who is having a full barrage of allergy tests tomorrow...

Cherub 22.06.2020 18:54

Re: Did you experience any of those problems long term?
We've both had varying skin problems since moving to Basel, especially me and we've put it down to apartment buildings having softened water. At our last apartment I developed eczema on both hands and I had to get medical help (I still have marks on the palm of my right hand 3 years on). I also find the water causes a redness to my face, so I have to wear primer under makeup to tone it down.

Reason I blame it on the water is when I go to my home in Scotland for 2 weeks it clears up within days (the area I'm from has naturally soft water)

I never had hay fever before coming to Basel either, maybe because I come from the coast so it's not so prevalent.

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