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RodSchmidt 29.06.2020 15:33

Euro5 or Euro 6

I want to buy a second hand car, model 2015. It uses petrol (no diesel) and it comes with Euro 5. I'd like to know if this is going to be an issue in the future, or if I should buy a similar car coming with Euro 6 instead.

I would like to avoid having issues entering big cities in Germany if suddenly their governments decide to ban Euro 5 cars soon (Euro 5 was released on 2011), and for me this is important, because I live in Basel and I go to Frankfurt from time to time to visit relatives.

Anyone can guide me here? Or those bans will apply only on diesel cars?

Guest 29.06.2020 15:39

Re: Euro5 or Euro 6
No restrictions are currently planned for petrol Euro 5 cars, but what the future will bring?

Personally I'd say it be fine for at least a bunch of yrs to come, if they ban euro 5 Petrol from the innercities they might as well ban all cars from it.

RodSchmidt 29.06.2020 15:53

Re: Euro5 or Euro 6
Thanks for the info! :):)

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