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Sileas 10.07.2020 16:09

Portable BBQ etiquette

We've seen people using portable bbqs down the lakefront grass patch in Villeneuve, and we are wondering what the etiquette is?

1. Does it matter what type of bbq we buy? eg. Charcoal vs gas
2. Does it matter what time we decide to bbq?
3. Do we need to be careful of smoke?
4. Is some fuel more preferred than others?

I'm just trying to avoid spending 100-200 on a bbq that does not meet etiquette requirements!

NotAllThere 10.07.2020 16:33

Re: Portable BBQ etiquette
Gas is easier to use as a portable BBQ.

For the few times we picnic and have a BBQ with it, I use a disposable one.

DUTCH 10.07.2020 16:46

Re: Portable BBQ etiquette
Lotus grill, charcoal with battery operated fan, no smoke from fat dripping on coal (food obv can smoke), portable bag, main body cold to touch, safe even if tilted over. Good enough for small family use and minimal hassle.


Guest 10.07.2020 17:32

Re: Portable BBQ etiquette
Keep it of the ground by using bricks or whatever, or buy one that has legs, this to avoid burning the grass under it. For the rest I see everything being used in the park and even making a big cloud of smoke every now and then seems to be accepted and part of the game.

We have a 37cm Smokey Joe from weber for the park.

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