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xeon 16.08.2020 10:49

Changing canton with permi L
I have an expat friend that has permi L and he lives in Lucerne canton for about 1 year. Since he works here, he thinks that after one year we will be permi B if he stays in the same canton. But he has found a possible place to rent in Nidwalden.

If he switches canton, will we keep permi L for another year, or he can still be entitled to have B permit?

roegner 16.08.2020 11:00

Re: Changing canton with permi L
Depending on the nationality/work contract it can be that he will get another L.

Ask the Gemeinde first before moving? If he is non EU he needs prior approval before moving afaik

Medea Fleecestealer 16.08.2020 15:32

Re: Changing canton with permi L
If he's non-EU there is no entitlement to a B permit; it's entirely down to what the cantonal authorities decide. In most cases non-EU's will be on an L permit for at least 2 years before they're likely to get a B.

And yes, he needs to ask permission from both Lucerne and Nidwalden cantons before he can move. Nidwalden has to agree to grant a new permit for him which they may refuse to do.

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