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Superfast 18.08.2020 21:52

A Panorama of Swiss Society 2020: Migration-Integration-Participation

I like this subject since i arrived (2011). So in 2020:

The population with foreign citizenship comprises around 2.1 million people (25% of the whole population), the population born abroad around 2.6 million (30%), and the population aged 15 and over with a migration background around 2.7 million (38%)

Household size is an important factor: Households with a migration background tend to be larger and share their income and wealth with more people than households with no migration background.

Jonathan Zufferey addresses the subject of internal migration in Chapter 6. His research shows that every year, about 9% of Switzerland’s population move home and that an average person moves 7.5 times in their life. However, most people move home within the same commune. Moves of more than 100 kilometres concern only 2% of internal migration

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