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galineu 19.08.2020 14:31

Border with France
Does anyone know if there are any border controls (in St. Gingolph and Anières/Hermance)? I'm planning on going by bike around the Léman, but if there's much hassle at border crossings I'll do it somewhere else.

bowlie 19.08.2020 14:49

Re: Border with France
At the moment no, Schengen rules apply. But as always spot checks are possible. And with Covid either government can decide at a moment’s notice to change the rules.

Neko 19.08.2020 15:30

Re: Border with France
They're not staffed 24/7 but there are sometimes controls. But on a bike I've never been stopped, there's zero hassle.

GenevaSculler 19.08.2020 15:37

Re: Border with France
On sunny days there are lots of people cycling through the borders there doing the same - I've never seen or heard of anyone being stopped on a bike.

Guest 19.08.2020 17:08

Re: Border with France
Not crossed that particular border, but the border here in Morgins (and several that I've used in Basel) is operating just as per pre-covid, i.e. there is occasionally a Swiss Douanes presence, almost never a French one. I imagine the St. Gingolph one is quite similar.

Certainly there are no covid-related restrictions, if that's what you're worrying about, and the only thing the Swiss Douanes are ever interested in, if they're there at all, is people importing meat and suchlike over the allowed limits.

Chances of hassle if you're crossing on a bike? Roughly zero, I'd say.

galineu 19.08.2020 18:02

Re: Border with France
Thank you for the input. I wasn't referring to covid restrictions in particular, and I know that some "strategic" French border crossings are regularly checked like with Italy in Aosta. But didn't know if it was the case here.

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