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pethetiti 15.11.2020 21:46

Taking care of airlines related issues
Hi all,
I hope you can help me, as I need to know, if there is any consumer protection in Canton Zurich, which is taking care of airlines related issues. I have already contacted Bundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt (BAZL), but my case doesn't belong to them.
Briefly my issue: we travelled by Chair airline (former Germania), they had a delay, and we are eligible for compensation. We have already handed in the request, which was approved by them, but they haven't paid the compensation yet, more than for 1.5 years. They are overloaded by work, ask for patience, that's what we got as an answer from their support. Unfortunately we haven't had any Legal Insurance that time, so we can't go on that way. Do you have any recommendations whom we should contact? Thank you for your help in advance.

Medea Fleecestealer 15.11.2020 22:30

Re: Taking care of airlines related issues
Tell them that unless they pay you what is owed by such and such date you'll take out a debt notice against them.

bowlie 15.11.2020 22:48

Re: Taking care of airlines related issues
This is a Federal Matter dealt with by

Federal Office of Civil Aviation
FOCA Passenger rights
CH - 3003 Berne

Tel. : +41 58 465 95 96 passengerrights@bazl.admin.ch
Online forms for passengers:
http://www.bazl.admin.ch/pax- onlineformular (German)
www.bazl.admin.ch/pax-formulaire-online (French)
www.bazl.admin.ch/pax-modulo-online (Itallian)
www.bazl.admin.ch/pax-online-form (English)

pethetiti 17.11.2020 14:34

Re: Taking care of airlines related issues
Thank you for your help

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