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highsky 24.11.2020 19:56

2020 best dating websites?
I have tried okcupid, pof and badoo, and I can't find any genuine person there.
Any tips?

MusicChick 24.11.2020 20:10

Re: 2020 best dating websites?
I don't have any personal tips. But friends like to go to unofficial low key singles parties, private or not. Apparently being able to see what you get is priceless..instead of being lead on by virtual fantasies. Around Unil/Epfl there is normally a lot happening, non-covid times. Now everything is closed, but later I'd pick real life over scripted & manicured online shinenigans.

rainer_d 25.11.2020 15:14

Re: 2020 best dating websites?
The problem is the number of outright fake and catfishing accounts on these platforms.

That has probably made them pretty much worthless.

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