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TomLis 07.04.2021 22:08

Moving Company VAT DE > CH
Longshot, but maybe there is something with this subject.

We will be moving from Germany to Switzerland this Summer and while getting offers from Moving Companies here in DE we already heard from two of them that the VAT that they quote on their offer (around 800 EUR) we could get it back from the German Custom on the Border and then we need to pay it on the Swiss side and that we should have a "profit" from that.

Well, sounds too good to be true and I have not found any assurance for that on the Net.

Any ideas or complete rubbish?

spark 07.04.2021 22:33

Re: Moving Company VAT DE > CH
Scam. Even setting aside the mere possibility itself of getting a VAT refund for services, which have been at least partially provided on german territory, this is not how it technically works.

You won't get anything back from german customs. It's always the merchant who refunds you - once you bring you them a stamped export form. Stamping that form is the only thing that customs do in this scheme. The marchant refunds you on account of money they wouldn't have to pay to the fiscus, and as a gesture of goodwill to win your future business, they aren't obliged to refund.

Turn your movers' offer around, suggest they collect the "profit" themselves (surely, they will have to stop at the customs either way, might as well stamp that extra form) and just give you a 10% discount instead.

Urs Max 08.04.2021 17:22

Re: Moving Company VAT DE > CH
Perhaps ask them to provide clear procedural steps (checklist style) for you to reclaim, and what forms and other data they supply to enable that. If they really believed that claim they'd use it as a USP, and have forms and checklists ready to mail immediately in order for you to feel obligated to further use their service.

Importing your household goods (provided you've owned them for a sufficient time) will be free WRT Swiss taxes and customs if declared properly. The German VAT on their services can't be claimed back because the services are considered consumed by you at the provider's location. Think of tourism as an analogy, it's the same principle.

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