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DCI Taggart 27.04.2021 12:59

New Swiss 'Line of Duty' starts on SRF this Sunday
SRF has announced its new cop series based on Line of Duty.

It will investigate cops and speed cameras that don't charge enough for speeders.

Will investigate officers who turn up on time when called.

Will also punish officers who don't follow the letter of the law when issuing fines for bicycles not following protocol.

Investigations will also include:

Turning a blind eye to 7 hairdressers and an ice cream shop with one flavour that opens one day a year in a town half a mile long.

Waving enthusiastically to Sepp Blatter from cop cars all over Zurich because he's a 'nice clever old man'.

Enthusiastically interviewing Credit Suisse execs and waving them away after losing 20 billion.

Characters will include:

Supt Edwardo Hastingo (Italian Swiss)
Inspector Stephan
Inspect Katerina
Chief Inspector Jo Davidsteig

Any other thoughts on characters?

k_and_e 27.04.2021 13:11

Re: New Swiss 'Line of Duty' starts on SRF this Sunday
I will only watch if there is an episode about an expat that flushes the toilet after 10 pm.

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