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one roaring mind 11.06.2021 14:20

Midsommar , Aargau, Swedish things ?
It looks like I will be spending the midsummers (a nice little Swedish tradition and holiday) in the Lenzburg area.

I have lived in Sweden for about six and half years now, I am just happy to take a peak or come by if there are local celebrations or any Swedish gatherings happening around :) ...

Spreading the joy of the season!
Happy summer everybody.

ipoddle 14.06.2021 12:41

Re: Midsommar , Aargau, Swedish things ?
Ha.. a big topic of conversation for me this past weekend.

I've been invited down the 'midsummer' festival in Aarau (curtailed by Covid but still some events are happening) in a few weeks.

Then I saw some pics of previous years and I couldn't believe how similar it is to the Swedish equivalent.. in the film Midsommer.

And then I realised that I was a 'foreigner' being asked to join in with the local pagans, dressed in white with flower garlands.

"Ha, ha... ", I said nervously, "you're not going to slaughter me in some horrific ritual are you ?"

I didn't like the smiling, noncommital responses. :msngrin::msngrin:

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