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ZurichLuck 25.06.2021 02:53

where to get posh suit pro-cleaned?
Hello! thanks for any help btw. i've got a posh suit that got a bit wet today, and is now hanging crumpled, and besides it's probably time to clean it anyway. but i dont want to dry clean it coz it's not good for your suit, as im sure you all know (only dry clean it when absolutely necessary:cool:).

so i want to get it steam cleaned but honeslty i cant be bothered to even think about doing that myself, what a palaver, so i wanted to ask if anyone knows a place in town that does this. there must be a place right, all these poshos in their fancy suits gliding around. when i lived in london there were a few places but i cant find anywhere on google that specifies steam clean. wherever it is, there's gonna be a long queue in the morning after todays downpour anyway

Chuff 25.06.2021 05:26

Re: where to get posh suit pro-cleaned?
A... dry cleaners? https://www.google.com/search?q=dry+...hrome&ie=UTF-8

Mrs. Doolittle 25.06.2021 07:33

Re: where to get posh suit pro-cleaned?
The dry cleaner will probably want to clean it, even though you only want the wrinkles out. Are there any water spots from the rain? But the dry cleaner will not want to put clothes which are not clean on their equipment, even if it just to remove wrinkles.

Where did you hear that dry cleaning is not good for your suit? What material is the suit?

swisspea 25.06.2021 08:02

Re: where to get posh suit pro-cleaned?
Similar question to Ms Doolittle. My dad wore business suits his whole working career - and the weekly trip to the drycleaners was a ritual for my mum.... drop off on Friday, pick up on Wednesday.... Unless it's handmade, the care label will be on the suit from the manufacturer....

ZurichLuck 27.07.2021 20:07

Re: where to get posh suit pro-cleaned?
Thanks for the replies btw and VERY SORRY for the late reply. The thing about the dry cleaners is I havent found one that does a steam clean.

however saying that, @Mrs. Doolittle and swisspea, I just kind of understood that too much dry cleaning is bad for your suit. I must have read it one time like somewhere here:


and then it just stuck maybe.

its made 90% wool and 10% cashmere.

tbh its a great idea to look at the label (AHEM) (bit embaresed emoji)!

so i did and it says 'Ask English Forum what do do IN EVERY INSTANCE'

no actually it says 'professional dry clean'

to conclude: (pun not intended) that clears that up then

logo123 28.07.2021 05:41

Re: where to get posh suit pro-cleaned?
I would have said Dry Cleaning is essential. Steam can weaken fabric fibres. Have worn suits all my life (pre corona, no longer excited to wear them) and always had them dry-cleaned

FMX 29.07.2021 21:59

Re: where to get posh suit pro-cleaned?
Why not go to a posh shop in Zurich - I think of Loro Piana, Bahnhofstr. 26 - or the men's suits corner at Jelmoli and ask them where to get high-quality suits professionally cleaned downtown?
Boutiques Zurich | Loro Piana

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