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TheSpouse 14.01.2009 00:55

Any Bridge Players?
I'm a serious Bridge addict (and wine/coffee addict, but that's another thread) and am wondering if there are any others out there in the Geneva/Vaud region. Will travel for bridge, if there are any takers!

Longbyt 18.01.2009 15:54

Re: Any Bridge Players?
Hi there!
You don't seem to be getting many answers to your post. Have you tried to find other players elsewhere? I found this site after Googling Bridge Geneva (my French vocab on this subject is not so hot, so it might be about something completely different;) ). Might be worth a try looking for links within the text or Googling similar keywords.
Hope you find what you are looking for. Good Luck.

Ollie 27.01.2009 13:59

Re: Any Bridge Players?

The official site of Swiss Bridge Federation is :

Also check on http://www.englishforum.ch/travel-da...out-there.html


TheSpouse 27.01.2009 14:38

Re: Any Bridge Players?
Thanks for the help. It looks as if there are quite a few bridge groups in and around Geneva. My French is nowhere near that level, though! I guess that's added incentive to rapidly improve my French. :)

meloncollie 27.01.2009 16:23

Re: Any Bridge Players?
You might also look into some of the international women's clubs - often bridge is one of the activities offered.

For instance, the American Women's Club of Geneva:


Or the International Women's Club of Nyon:


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