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olygirl 16.05.2009 22:08

Eurovision - anybody watching?
Anybody watching? I've just tuned in. What have I missed?

Nickers 16.05.2009 22:11

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
I like the idea that a thread about eurovision is in the international Affairs/Politics forum :D

olygirl 16.05.2009 22:13

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
Well, it's international and there's a lot of politics involved.

Denmark is on and a Ronan Keating lookalike soundalike is singing. Did they say the song was written by Boyzone?

olygirl 16.05.2009 22:14

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
I would have put it under TV trash shows but couldn't find the category :)

olygirl 16.05.2009 22:16

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
Miss Kiss Kiss Bang from Germany is up. She wasn't allowed to sing naked. What will she be wearing?

olygirl 16.05.2009 22:18

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
It's Dita von Teese doing what she does best!

olygirl 16.05.2009 22:20

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
Turkey's up. Dum tek tek. A singing belly dancer.

Guest 16.05.2009 22:23

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?

Originally Posted by olygirl (Post 458736)
Miss Kiss Kiss Bang from Germany is up. She wasn't allowed to sing naked. What will she be wearing?

You drunk olygirl? :D I'm sober so I'm giving it a miss, the first song did my head in.

olygirl 16.05.2009 22:24

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
Well, the Jennifer Lopez belly dancing singer is finished.

Now it's Albania's turn. Produced in Germany, Kejsi Tola is singing Carry Me in your Dreams. She looks like a ballet dancer with massive curls being seduced by a green alien.

olygirl 16.05.2009 22:28

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
Drunk? This is tradition! The stuff that made Nella Martinetti famous (as well as Abba). The forerunner to American Idol and all those competitive trash shows.

Norway's coming up! Alexander with Fairytale.

It's got the fiddle, Irish dancers and even an Irish looking singing. A surprise from Norway!

TROVA 16.05.2009 22:29

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
My favorite is Turkey...It seems to me that this song will win the contest...But what is the better is to wait for the end of the contest...

olygirl 16.05.2009 22:34

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
Svetlana will be singing for Ukraine. She's the anti-crisis girl for Ukraine and is singing Be My Valentien.

Well she's done the Chinese splits in a tiny red costume and thigh high black boots. Lots of lights flashing and bare breasted men in tiny silver shorts wearing Roman helmuts. The song isn't great but they might win a gold medal in the floor gymnastics category at the Olympics.

Gotta love Eurovision!

Nathu 16.05.2009 22:35

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
Is anybody playing the Eurovision drinking game that was suggested earlier? :D

olygirl 16.05.2009 22:37

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
Elena from Romania is singing The Balkan Girls. Blonde, curly hair and lots of boob action. Not a bad singer.

Macchiato 16.05.2009 22:38

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
Azerbaijan and Norway aren't bad.

MusicChick 16.05.2009 22:39

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
We didn't make it, no wonder, what a horrid song....makes me want to hide somewhere

olygirl 16.05.2009 22:40

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
Great Britain is up! Jade Ewen will be singing It's My Time and will be accompanied on the piano from Andrew Lloyd Weber.

It's a slower song, more elegant. A bit like Whitney Houston with less power.

olygirl 16.05.2009 22:42

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
This woman keeps singing "It's My Time." Can't wait til it's somebody else's time.

olygirl 16.05.2009 22:44

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
A Europop number from Finland. Estland said it's a cheap 80's song from Nik Kershaw. Anyway, here's Finland rapping away. A bit like CC and the Chocolate Factory.

olygirl 16.05.2009 22:47

Re: Eurovision - anybody watching?
Good song from Finland. It is a bit like an 80's song but I like 80's pop music so it's definitely better than UK's put you to sleep song.

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