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scotia_aeg 06.06.2009 13:07

A Scot in Lausanne...ceilidhs?!
Hello all..

no idea where to put this - cannot for the life of me work out where it could go..

Im Scottish, and work in Lausanne. Due to get married this August and we're having a ceilidh for the evening. Having been in Switzerland now for a while it'd be great to maybe practice a bit beforehand!

Anyone know of anything? I have tried the band who'll be playing, but all their events until August are private..

Cheers! (oh, and if there is a place t put this that suits best, and its possible to move the thread be my guest!)

gavmcginty 06.07.2009 12:25

Re: A Scot in Lausanne...ceilidhs?!
Hope the wedding plans are coming on well :-) Where's the big day happening?

I was in a similar position 18 months ago, living in London with an English fiancee who hadn't been to a Ceilidh in her life. We went to the awesome Ceilidh Club when we could, but I also bought some ceilidh music off iTunes to practice at home.

Glasgow's Riverside Ceilidh Club (ah, happy memories of drunken student nights :) have an album on there called 'First Footing' that includes calls, it covers most of the dances you'd get from your standard ceilidh band. Not as good as the real thing, but might just save you some first dance blushes :-) Of course you need a bit of space, but with all this lovely weather you could take some speakers out to the park - you never know, you might even start a trend ;)

FWIW I found your thread as we've just moved and I was looking to see if there were any organised Ceilidhs in Zurich - doesn't seem like it, but if anyone is thinking of it I'd definitely be up for it. The Ceilidh Club in London works really well, and after it got listed in Time Out the numbers went from about 50 loyal expats to selling out every fortnight with over 500 people of all nationalities - made it all the more fun (though the Scots had to dance every time just to keep things on an even keel!). I don't play any instruments and can't call, but if anyone was up for organising something I'd be happy to help any way I can - venue, ticketing, promotion, running / drinking the bar :) etc etc.

Hazeldaze 07.07.2009 13:03

Re: A Scot in Lausanne...ceilidhs?!
Try this link, I'm sure he is a regular on here too and you may already know if him.

We bought some haggis from him for Burns Night which was fab, and I'm sure he also organises ceilidhs and whisky tastings, mmm.
Have a great day when it comes,

greencelery 21.08.2009 21:33

Re: A Scot in Lausanne...ceilidhs?!

Could you post the details of the band you are getting? We are also organising a wedding and looking for details of bands available....


Kirstyn 22.02.2019 11:30

Re: A Scot in Lausanne...ceilidhs?!
Hi all, this is a long shot as the post was from a few years ago. Looking for a ceilidh band for our wedding in August in Zurich and grateful for any suggestions of bands / musicians able to play and call out the dances.
Thanks in advance, Kirstyn

greencelery 10.03.2019 14:01

Re: A Scot in Lausanne...ceilidhs?!

Congratulations on your wedding!

We looked into ceilidh bands quite extensively some 10 years ago (wow, time flies...)

We went with the Loch Leman Ceilidh Band for our wedding and they were really good. I would highly recommend them. However, they are based in Lausanne. We had our wedding in Thun and they were happy to travel there (obviously you have to pay more for the travel time etc). http://tympanon.ch/loch-leman-ceilidh-band/

We didn't find any other Scottish ceilidh bands in Switzerland. We did find some Irish ceilidh bands but apparently the beat is different in Irish ceilidhs, and while they said they would take the gig, they wouldn't recommend it.

Our Swiss guests really enjoyed the ceilidh.

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