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The_Highlander 01.08.2009 23:00

Taxed at source
I've been here over a year now and last month obtained my B permit. While I was on the L permit I was employed by the University and was told that all my earnings were taxed at source. To check, I called the tax office and they said that if I was on L or B permit I would inevitably be taxed at source.

However, since I moved to a company I have been paid more and by a different accounting system (obviously). I am not convinced that I am being taxed at source, but then again I thought this at my previous employment. The taxes don't show up on my monthly payslip and I just see about 6% deduction for pension etc.

Anyone else had a similar experience? My ultimate dread is that I have been caught out and owe over a year in back-taxes.

I live in Zurich which is already low in tax, but when I look at my monthly income I don't think it could possibly be as low as what I'm calculating. Thanks

bill_door 02.08.2009 01:44

Re: Taxed at source

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