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Rosha 14.06.2010 21:52

Pressure cooker in coop

In Which coop in Basel can i find a pressure cooker???


TAE 14.06.2010 21:57

Re: Pressure cooker in coop
Donno about coop.

But Manor has a WMF one on sale in the moment.

hope it helps!

TheDastagirs 15.06.2010 14:37

Re: Pressure cooker in coop
I'd try the Coop in Marketplatz, it has dish ware and other pots & pans. However, I *know* that Aggarwal (and Indian store) in Claraplatz always has them (as we Indians love our pressure cooker!) :p

sankbhat 15.06.2010 14:41

Re: Pressure cooker in coop
We bought ours at Marktkauf just across the border. I confirm that Aggarwal holds the Indian brands.

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