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31.05.2011 11:54

Re: EF Summer Ball 2011?

Originally Posted by economisto (Post 1212817)
Nope. Unless you're looking to host and pay. And supply beer and KFC.

Sure... I'll just have a look at my 5 rappen jar!

eyebeebe 31.05.2011 12:33

Re: EF Summer Ball 2011?

Originally Posted by yasmina (Post 1212816)
Just came across this! Cool idea! Any more plans for it?

Sorry no. I abandoned the idea because the financial reality was that enough people weren't prepared to pay what I believe would have been necessary to host a successful event.

puddycat 31.05.2011 13:25

Re: EF Summer Ball 2011?
Hi EFers,

I just saw this thread - great idea!!!

If a dinner thing is a bit much for everyone, why not scale it down to two courses instead of four - Dessert and cocktails :D

People could have their dinner at home or those who wanted to eat out could organize to book a restaurant that suits their budget.

The evening could start at 20:00 hrs and be more a chocolate, strawberries (June is the season!!) and champagne cocktails event. Perhaps a dance floor and some appropriate music might work, too?

I have just noted this down very hastily without checking out prices, but perhaps a buffet dessert, champers and venue could be done for 50CHF a head? For those who wanted more 'drinkies' I'm sure there are some nice venues in a nice location that have someone on the bar.

To make it a bit more Swiss, you could, for example, support a mountain restaurant venue. Those little chalets are the perfect size for 50 people and they have stunning views ;).

I'm a crappy organizer (couldn't manage a pi$$ up in a brewery :o) but perhaps it's a spring board for the OP? :).

Have fun,

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