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samj 19.10.2010 12:30

Air conditioning / dehumidifiers
Afternoon all,

I have a 3 bedroom flat with double glazed windows and hard floors with under-floor water heating. Last winter condensation would form along the bottom of the windows and large patches of mould along the sides (particularly in one area where it is starting to damage the paint). I'd rather avoid the same happening this year but I see it's already starting.

The flat is constantly warm (for reasons unknown) and humid (also for reasons unknown) despite using the kitchen sparingly, and the only other water source is the bathroom which has a fan.

I guess it's getting to the point where I'll need to get an airconditioner and/or dehumidifier (is it possible to get a unit that does both - cooling in summer and dehumidifying in winter?) but before I do I wanted to see if any of you have any advice... it's a good few hundred dollars up front and probably the same again every year in energy.


samj 19.10.2010 12:32

Re: Air conditioning / dehumidifiers
Never mind the poll... I messed up the options :(

19.10.2010 12:34

Re: Air conditioning / dehumidifiers
I have an air-conditioner that does dehumidifying only as well. It's for sale and pretty powerful/effective. PM for details.

bigblue2 19.10.2010 12:40

Re: Air conditioning / dehumidifiers
most aircon units do both, but if you rent the place it would be cheaper and better for you to find out why you have the problem rather then run an aircon unit all the time to only mask it.

Mud 19.10.2010 13:37

Re: Air conditioning / dehumidifiers
The Swiss like to air out their flats during the day. For some reason, in the places I've lived, this is also when the heat is on (and cut's out at night :rolleyes:).

As said AC/dehumidifiers are readily available.

Good reading on this subject here:

Airing Flats

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