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AMPs 22.05.2013 09:21

School for autism and ADHD?
Hi just joined the group - moving to Basel in a few months time and have 1001 things to sort out. The biggest thing to arrange is a school for my son. He's 14 years old and has Higher Order Autism and ADHD. He's also bilingual (English and Dutch). Does anyone have any information about any possible schools? Thanks

fareehasharafat 22.05.2013 09:58

Re: School for autism and ADHD?
I dont know the school but we have ADHD specialist for our son. I can send u the details, PM me if needed. He is in the field for more then 40 years and knows the info like this quite well.

Olivita 23.05.2013 20:04

Re: School for autism and ADHD?
If you get a copy of the book "Your guide to Swiss schooling", there's a section in it on special needs education. I've heard mixed things about the support international schools (ISB, SIS and academia) can provide. Yesterday, I visited a school in Liestal (near Basel) called the Schule für Offenes Lernen which provides an alternative education (but complies with Basel Land education requirements) and welcomes all children, including those with special needs (they mentioned ADHD and autism) and particularly gifted ones, and focuses a lot on the relationship, both teacher/child and child/child. http://www.schulen-der-zukunft.org/s...ffenes-lernen/
It's not bilingual but there a some bilingual children there. They are educators and psychotherapists and psychologists and work closely with a psychiatrist/psychotherapist in the same building.
A good paediatrician who might be able to provide further information is Dr Pierino Avoledo, 4052 Basel Stadt, including on how to access "heilpädagogie" (special needs support) if you choose to go via the state system. I understand that in Zürich provision of psychotherapy, speech therapy and other therapies are the responsibility of the Gemeinde, even when the child is in a private school; not sure about Basel. The Basel Childrens Trust can be a source of support also. There's a yahoo group:
Kids with Special Needs in Switzerland <special-kids-ch@yahoogroups.com> and a Geneva based group supporting parents http://www.allspecialkids.org/wp/
I am also in contact with a couple of education lawyers in Basel that may be able to help; feel free to PM if interested.
Good luck with your move and welcome to Basel.

vachkiri 23.05.2013 20:23

Re: School for autism and ADHD?
My son is autistic. He was on a waitlist for 2 years to enter the specialized school he is currently attending. We are in the French-speaking area. I can only say.... good luck.

smc68300 01.12.2013 08:38

Re: School for autism and ADHD?
Did you ever find some help? I have a high functioning 7 year-old and live just over the border in France. Trying to get help for him is a constant and exhausting struggle. I am re-starting the process of trying to find someone to deliver ABA therapy to him as his latest therapists are unable to continue.

I can share some contacts I've made over the last couple of years which may be helpful. Drop me an e-mail @ [mod edit-email removed] if
you want to talk more.

All the best,

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