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Gyochan 17.09.2013 11:39

Master Degree Study at EPFL
Hello all,

I will keep it short for your convience. I am currently an undergrad. student, had some time at EPFL this year and want to apply to EPFL Master Degree for next academic year.
I was checking the EPFL website 2 weeks ago and found a specific handbook/guidebook only for Master programs in pdf format, this document was so helpful since it was containting all of the Master Programmes about 1-2 pages of specifications per program. However, now i cant find the same pdf file from EPFL website, i called the students service and they told me the file is under modification as is the website, and they dont know the exact date for finalization of process.
Does anyone have this specific handbook/guidebook in their possession in pdf or hardcopy?

Thanks for your helps.

PS: It's first page was red color background with white writings if i remember correctly.

pk86 17.09.2013 12:01

Re: Master Degree Study at EPFL
Hi !

If you have URL of the page and if that page is not exist any more, you can use google cache to retrieve the old copy like:

Check this.


swissrob 17.09.2013 15:20

Re: Master Degree Study at EPFL
Or just Google it, I came up with this http://master.epfl.ch/webdav/site/ma...de-English.pdf

swissrob 17.09.2013 15:22

Re: Master Degree Study at EPFL
or this http://master.epfl.ch/files/content/...7s%20Guide.pdf

swissrob 17.09.2013 15:27

Re: Master Degree Study at EPFL
But then again its probably non of these. Got to go! Bye :0)

johnsnows 06.01.2014 17:51

Re: Master Degree Study at EPFL
This post helped me a lot!

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