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horsepower 29.12.2013 20:27

Kindergarten Public vs Private
I am new to Zurich, We have 4 yrs old son and looking for kindergarten school.
How can I know whether the school is public or private looking at thier website ?

Also, where can I get the list of all public schools nearby location from my house ?
Kindly help.


Medea Fleecestealer 29.12.2013 20:41

Re: Kindergarten Public vs Private
I don't have kids, but from what I've read on the forum you'll be assigned to a public school by your commune/gemeinde so I'd check with them first. I'm sure they'll know of private schools in the area too.

Heather4 29.12.2013 20:44

Re: Kindergarten Public vs Private
Go and see your Geminder office if you want a Swiss Kindergarten.
It will depend when your son was 4 (I forget the cut off date right now).
They can tell you where your local school is.
Or you can google your Geminder name and the word Schule and that should give you your local school which will also have kindergartens and make an appointment with the head teacher. The school will allocate you a kindergarten. You will probably not get a choice on which one.
Private e.g. You will have to pay I'm not so sure about it depends if you want English speaking, billingual, German speaking.

Guest 29.12.2013 20:45

Re: Kindergarten Public vs Private
Check out this link from the City of Zurich.

If you are going to the public system, you don't really get a choice. You can write to the authorities if you have reasons for attending one school over another and they consider it. Reasons will include whether your child has siblings already in the school or if there is a busy road that your child would have to cross, etc.

Otherwise, you just go with where they place you.

horsepower 29.12.2013 20:57

Re: Kindergarten Public vs Private
OK, understood, so they will assign me the school for my son based on our home location. Next question, are all public schools are only in german or there are bilingual public schools in Zurich ?

Guest 29.12.2013 22:02

Re: Kindergarten Public vs Private
The public schools only teach in the local language. Any kids struggling with German as a second language will get extra support during school time, or sometimes on a free afternoon, to get them up to speed.

In Zurich, English is taught from the second grade.

3Wishes 29.12.2013 22:03

Re: Kindergarten Public vs Private
Bilingual how? There are four national languages...

Guest 29.12.2013 22:08

Re: Kindergarten Public vs Private

Originally Posted by 3Wishes (Post 2051898)
Bilingual how? There are four national languages...

I'm guessing her question is Zurich-centric so German/English.

st2lemans 29.12.2013 23:28

Re: Kindergarten Public vs Private

Originally Posted by 3Wishes (Post 2051898)
Bilingual how? There are four national languages...

And here, kindergarden starts the day after one turns three, regardless of when it occurs, and school classes follow the calendar year, i.e cut-off date is 31/12.


kanga 06.01.2014 19:11

Re: Kindergarten Public vs Private
Zurich city: If your child will have to attend Kindergarten starting August 2014 because it is within the proper age range, you'll automatically receive a letter from the "Kreisschulpflege". That will be around February. In this letter, they will tell you more about the process. If you decide to send your child to a registered private Kindergarten, you'll have to write down the name/adress on a return letter. If you decide to send it you the public Kindergarten, return the letter with the proper information. Then, it's time to wait til June. By then, they'll send you the letter with name/address/Kindergarten teacher your child is assigned to. If you don't agree with the assignment you can send a protest note (=Wiedererwägungsgesuch), but be warned: You really need to have very good reasons for that...

Here, you can find all public Kindergarten of Zurich: link Have a look on the left side (Schulkreise) and find out to which one you belong and where the Kindergartens are located.

Language: Public Kindergarten-Language is swiss-german (=local language) and some part is in High German. Kids with problems in speaking/understanding the german language will attend 1 or 2 hrs of "Deutsch als Zweitsprache" (DaZ). No extra fee for that ;-). This will continue in Primary School if needed. English is taught starting primary class 2, french class 4.

Public/private: hm... as a local, I would advise to send your child to the public Kindergarten. It will find friends within walking distance and this will make life much easier for you, too! And you'll get in touch with the local families and hopefully you will make friends with them :-)

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