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Neovius 05.04.2017 12:14

Where can I get into with my papers?

I'm a recently graduated high school student from Finland. I'm thinking of applying to study in a university in Switzerland.

I'd be interested in studying anything related to business/ entrepreneurship and the studies would have to be in English (I don't speak french or german, but would of course study them while completing my studies in Switzerland).

My current credentials are:

Matriculation examination (ylioppilastodistus): the grades are from A to L (1-6)

Finnish: E (5)
Social studies: E (5)
History: M (4)
English: E (5)
Advanced math: B (2)

my course average is (from a scale of 4-10) 8.

I'm not sure how these are comparable to the Swiss grading system (could someone help with that?).

In which universities could I get into? Also the with a low as possible tuition.


Medea Fleecestealer 05.04.2017 12:53

Re: Where can I get into with my papers?
You're likely out of luck as most Bachelors will only be taught in a Swiss language. You'd do better to do a Bachelors in Finland and then see if you can do the Masters here as most Masters will be taught in English with maybe some Swiss language parts.

Also, while tuition fees are quite low living costs are high so you'd be expected to have between CHF20,000 and CHF30,000 a year depending on the university's location and what sort of lifestyle you expect to partake in.

This booklet will give you more info.


newtoswitz 05.04.2017 13:03

Re: Where can I get into with my papers?
You may struggle to get into any university with what looks like a fail in Maths.

Most STEM or business/economics courses will require solid maths and language skills.

Unless I got it the wrong way around - but then you have the same problem with language.

aSwissInTheUS 05.04.2017 13:09

Re: Where can I get into with my papers?
This is after the ylioppilastutkinto?
If I understand it right then you could potentially and unconditionally (safe medicine and veterinary which have Numerus Clausus exams) study anything you want.
The struggle will be less with getting in but with staying in and following the material. One hurdle will be your language skills (German, French, or Italian) the other you lack in math skills.

As others said, to your undergrad in Finland or anywhere else where you understand the local language and the move on for Master and further.

For scoring see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matric..._exam_(Finland)
B is Bad.

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