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Zayana 20.04.2011 16:23

Is Apostille stamp on diploma required by Swiss employers?
Hello, EF!

I have started to look for a job in Switzerland (have already applied for B permit so this should not be an issue).
The question is - is the Apostille stamp required by Swiss employers to make my Bachelor and Master degrees recognized by them (I studied not in EU).

I need to know it asap because going home soon and can do it. And I have no idea when there will be the next time.

I looked through EF threads about diplomas recognition and visited OPET web site. Yes, they do recognition but its required for jobs regulated in Switzerland (docs, nursing, teaching). My degree is "Applied physics and maths" so I guess all they can do is a level certificate which takes 4 months and costs 150 CHF (per diploma?:confused:) .
Resume is the following. I have 3 variants how to offer my diplomas to a potentional employer:

1) Translated by the translator authorized in Switzerland.
2) With the Apostille stamp and the translation done in my native country, but confirmed by the notary (or again translated here). This will demonstrate I did not buy my diploma around the corner.
3) With the level certificate from OPET.

I guess really the requirements depends on the employer itself but what would u recommend?

Many thanks!

kiwiguy08 12.03.2013 10:58

Re: Is Apostille stamp on diploma required by Swiss employers?
Probably depends on your profession and your employer. I assume a a few professions like doctors would certainly need it. However, as an engineer I sent only a photocopied copy of my diplomas. Those were used to send to the immigration office to help obtain my work permit. However, years later i had a chance to look at my personnel file. Even though they had the full cornucopia of performance reviews, my CV...etc. The diplomas were not there.:confused: Makes me wonder why i wasted 5 years of my life and tons of student debt for :)

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