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italian_in_bern 08.05.2011 23:01

Summer internship in tourism
Dear all,

I'm a master student looking for an internship related to the tourism industry this summer in Bern. I speak italian, english and a bit of german. I'm looking for suggestions and also if you guys know all the international organization or associations that exist in the capital city. I'm also wondering if any of the museum in Bern hire interns (for example Zentrum Paul Klee or Kunstmuseum).
Thank you for your help.

pagl57 09.05.2011 07:37

Re: Summer internship in tourism

Delegation of research work is an essential management skill which you seem to master well! However, as a master student, research work is your daily blood, sweat and tears.:D
Be assured, google is your best friend!:)

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