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frogdr 15.01.2012 13:47

Dentist jobs in German-speaking Switzerland?
Hi there!

This is my first post in this forum. I've been reading it since I got to Zurich last summer, but never wrote. You guys have actually helped me a lot, and now I would like to share a question I got asked with you guys.

The thing is, I have a friend from the Czech Republic who's a dentist. She's got about a year of work experience, and she wants to move to Switzerland. We've already checked, and all her university qualifications are accepted here in CH, so that's one positive point.

She speaks Czech, English, Spanish, and she's now learning German. She's got B1 level of German.

The idea was to move to Zurich, but there would no problem in broadening the search and accept a job in any part of German-speaking Switzerland.

Ok, so now the questions: where are the places to look for a dentist job in Switzerland? There doesn't seem to be any offer in job boards, but that just might be because it's not what dentists use. Somebody told me that it might be easier for her to find a job outside bigger cities. Would that actually be the case?

She's been doing a lot of CAD CAM dentistry, I don't know if that could be used as an advantage.

Thanks for all the tips!

jrspet 15.01.2012 13:51

Re: Dentist jobs in German-speaking Switzerland?
Welcome to the forum. Good if your friend could sign up and pose the question. In any event, I thought you might be interested in this thread:


frogdr 15.01.2012 14:04

Re: Dentist jobs in German-speaking Switzerland?
That thread looks interesting, I'll take a look at it.

But it doesn't seem to comment on where to look for dentist jobs. By any chance does anybody happen to know about this?


jrspet 15.01.2012 14:10

Re: Dentist jobs in German-speaking Switzerland?
Search is your friend ( http://www.englishforum.ch/search2.php ):









frogdr 16.01.2012 22:27

Re: Dentist jobs in German-speaking Switzerland?
I'll take a look at these.


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