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trompeta_avila 14.03.2012 17:37

Where to find a job for students?
I am student of Music. I am doing Master in Zurich.
Since I donīt get any money from my parents, I would like to ask about how to find a job for student. I tried in many website like studenten.ch and other for students but doesnīt work so good when you donīt speak so much German...
I would like some like taking care about persons, teaching spanish, music, help cleaning, wherever they need a young person.
I am looking forward to find one to keep studying here, but I really need help.
Someone has any idea where to go?
Thank you in advance!
All the best

florin. 22.03.2012 20:27

Re: Where to find a job for students?

maybe you will find something here

kngavl 22.03.2012 21:34

Re: Where to find a job for students?
Best/basically only way is to try and network. Talk to your profs and see if they can set you up teaching some younger students some music theory or something. That or offer your services and hopefully find someone trying to learn the same thing your doing.

Those two would be your best bet. Its tough I know but I do know of non-german speaking folk who've managed to find jobs that way.

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