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johnmayer 23.03.2012 20:09

Officially unemployed - unemployment benefits
My employer gave me a shocker on just a day before I went on a holiday citing reasons of poor financial situation of company and my work inefficiency (This reason was not much not convincing) for pre-maturely terminating my contract

Anyways I am non-EU/non-American, I started working on L-permit in Bern in Sept, 2011 end. On a 1 month notice, coming April would be my last working month. My L-Permit expires in 3rd week of Sept, 2012.
  • Does that mean I can still stay in Switzerland and look for a job ?
  • Also, what kind of problems will I face to change my canton or look for another job ?

In addition I searched on this forum and on web, I found that to get unemployment benefits there should be atleast 12 months of contributions made to AHV/AVS in last 24 months (1st May, 2010 to 30th April 2011). Now by the end of coming April, total 8 months of unemployment insurance would be paid by my present Swiss employer in Bern. This means I am still short of 4 months to avail the unemployment benefits.

Before this job, I was doing part time jobs on permit-B as a student between May, 2011 to Jan, 2011. This was in another canton(ticino). In total 9 months of AHV/ALV contributions were made during this period although the value of contributions was way lesser.

From Feb, 2011 to July, 2011 I was doing internship in Munich and all that time I still held the Swiss B-permit (I also paid social insurance in Germany)

So between May, 2011 and end of coming April, around 9+8=17 months of contributions were made towards AHV/ALV in Switzerland.
  • Now, am I wrong in assuming that I should be eligible for getting unemployment benefits ?

jeroen 23.03.2012 20:18

Re: Officially unemployed - unemployment benefits
On monday morning at 07:00 (or well when they open) be at your local RAV. Bring all the details of the work you have done in Switzerland, especially the contributions you made to the AHV etc, present your case and ask what your options are. Likely they can at least help with looking for a new job asap, which you should have been doing since the day you got your notice.

johnmayer 23.03.2012 20:25

Re: Officially unemployed - unemployment benefits
Would do that as soon as I am back in Swiss on 1st April. I have already started looking and applying

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