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nmpribeiro 30.07.2012 18:26

Self employment for EU citizens.

I have been scouting this forum for quite some time. Have found many interesting information, but would like to create a new thread. One that could help EU citizens on how to self-employ in Switzerland.

I am a EU citizen in Switzerland, with two costumers from around the world, and with activity mounted in another European country. One of the employers is even willing to grant me support and give me a contract, but it's from outside Switzerland.
So.. I have an L permit, and haven't found any potential employer in Switzerland willing to accept me in their workforce (language perhaps?). So, I need to understand how the self-employment registration and it's common obligations work.
  1. Self Employment Registration
  2. Social Security (AVH I think) minimum obligations expectations
  3. Helth Insurance and Accident insurance are both compulsory and mandatory?
  4. Tax amount (both income and VAT, thou VAT it's for over then a specific amount of earnings I've already understood that)

Any other necessary thing I should be aware of?

You might think "why does he needs to be in CH?" My other half has got a job here, and I want to help her, as we've been together for quite some years for now.


windycityfamily 13.09.2012 17:53

Re: Self employment for EU citizens.
Hi, I am in a similar situation: looking to gain status of "self-employed". Apparently they don't make it easy. I visited the AHV in Zurich and got a broshure that lists conditions that you have to meet. The hurdle for me is documenting multiple clients through invoices and/or contracts. The other option for us crazy people living in CH and working outside the country is to register as "Arbeitnehmende eines nicht beitragspflichtigen Arbeitgebers (ANOBAG)". Someone who is working for a company that is not obliged to pay into the Swiss Social Security. As with being self-employed you will be required to pay in yourself. HOWEVER... I don't think that this will get you the tax benefits you would have as a self employed person. For that you will need to prove that you meet the self-employed conditions.
I hope this is somewhat helpful. Good Luck!

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