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Giraffe 09.01.2013 18:52

RAV and Maternity Question
First of all apologies because I think I have only ever posted here on this Forum about RAV but I have another question and although I have searched I can not find an answer.
I am currently on RAV, well acutally my unemployment benefit is suspended at the moment and I am on my 4mths "maternity leave/payment entitlement" as I had a second baby in the middle of November. So I am not quiet 2 months into my maternity entitlement leave and my RAV advisor has told me I need to start looking for a new job and that I must attend a meeting with her next week. I am happy to do both but just thought that since I am not actually receiving unemployment at the moment then I was not required to do this until after 4months from the date of birth of my child.
Has anyone else been in this situation? Thought I would like to clarify before I start asking her too many questions. I changed RAV offices and RAV advisors only two months before I had my baby and my new RAV officer does not speak english and is not as friendly as my previous advisor whom i got on very well with.
Thanks for any help you can give.

Kilchbergerin 10.01.2013 22:12

Re: RAV and Maternity Question
To answer your question, I have heard the same from others who are in the same situation, that there is the standard 4 months of maternity leave.

However can you please clarify, are you receiving any benefits at all during this time? You mention your benefits are suspended but you are receiving a "maternity leave/payment entitlement." As a pregnant person on RAV, I am interested to know if payments are suspended during maternity leave? I thought they were reduced, but it sounds like yours is suspended? What is the difference between unemployment benefits and maternity payment entitlement?

Thank you!

Svenca 10.01.2013 23:57

Re: RAV and Maternity Question
I believe these are payed from different government departments.
I believe RAV can request that check-ins and meetings from 2mnths after the birth, and you are still required to be looking for work.


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