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robban 11.03.2013 11:34

Company messed up my impots (tax) calculations...
Hi all,

I started my job in Lausanne in March '12 and (as an EU Permit B) had my tax deducted at source by my employer.

We are a small company with one person responsible for all accounting procedures, including salaries. The system is in a real mess, mostly due to a previous bad choice of accounting software and also the accounts manager having had an accident and taken quite a bit of time off work.

This is the second time I have worked for the same employer, the last time being in 2008/9. We don't receive a monthly salary statement and this is blamed on the above mess. I asked for one shortly after starting and got a May statement. My deductions had changed a little since 2008 (I am now married and my wife does not have paid work) but otherwise I trusted the accounts manager that what I was being paid was correct.

A few weeks ago my boss told me that the accounts manager had messed up my salary calculations; I had overpaid LPP (pension) and underpaid taxes with a net result that I owe several thousand CHF for unpaid taxes in 2012, repayable immediately. I also have to live with the fact that I will receive 10% less net salary in 2013 than expected.

Now, I don't have a problem paying my taxes. Where I do have a problem is that I based my life in Lausanne on the 2012 net salary; how much rent to pay, what car to buy, how often we can eat out etc... I now find that I actually receive 10% less than I was told plus I have a tax bill of several thousand CHF to repay.

So, have I been a trusting fool, I should have checked the figures and it's my fault? Or can I justifiably feel a bit miffed that the accounts manager has made errors in my salary? I might add that she has made errors with at least 3 other employees, one of whom has received different salarly figures throughout 2012, including a demand to pay back several thousand CHF.

I've told the company I shall repay the back taxes over a longer period and not in one lump sum as they demanded. I've also told my boss that I consider the accounts manager incompetent and I want my salary dealt with by someone else. (I won't start on all the other errors I've since found...)

Apart from that, what do you think - any advice or opinions?

Medea Fleecestealer 11.03.2013 12:41

Re: Company messed up my impots (tax) calculations...
Although you're not filling in a Swiss tax form, I'd check with your local canton tax officials on what your situation is. If the company is that incompetent at dealing with its accounts, they could be trying it on for all you know. Check with the authorities to find out exactly what you do owe and then see if you can come to an agreement with them about repaying any unpaid tax, bypassing your employer entirely.

Also look for another job - one with a company with competent accountants!

AbFab 11.03.2013 14:03

Re: Company messed up my impots (tax) calculations...
It's your money - don't trust anyone, especially some you know to be incompetent. As stated above, your local tax office will be most helpful...

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